What technology does Bandyer use?

Bandyer is a collaboration solution based on the state-of-the-art video communications technologies. In particular, the heart of our system is Webrtc, an open source technology now integrated in all existing browsers. This ensures excellent interoperability between different devices and browsers without having to install any add-ons. Just one click and you’re already in call! For more than four years we have been working hard to have a full knowledge on this technology, so that we are proud collaborators of Webrtc technology. Our deep knowledge has allowed us to build on top algorithms and proprietary features that extend the existing capabilities. In fact, our media server is able to manage the best image quality even in very difficult bandwidth situations, to overcome some compatibility problems between old and new versions of browsers, to perform recordings without weighing down the client, to transform the video stream into a broadcast stream accessible to thousands of people, but above all to be scalable when it’s needed. Our goal is to bring all our research and knowledge to API, which can be used by anyone in an extremely simple and fast way.