How are my data stored?

Bandyer can also be used anonymously, leaving no trace of any data. It’s up to the system integrator or client to decide what data to keep. All data is stored within the perimeter of the European Union in an AWS infrastructure. For example, if you decide to register the call, each registration is saved specifically … Read more

Do you need special requirements to use Bandyer?

As previously mentioned, just one click and you are in call! The only thing you need if you want to use the call function is a simple microphone and a webcam if you want to be seen. WebRTC automatically manages video quality based on your available bandwidth, with a priority focus on audio. This means … Read more

But is it safe?

Webrtc was created encrypted by design, which means that it is not possible to use it unless very high security standards are applied. In particular, our entire platform is served via HTTPS and, being our focal point, we make sure we are always up to date with the latest technologies. That’s why we only use … Read more

What technology does Bandyer use?

Bandyer is a collaboration solution based on the state-of-the-art video communications technologies. In particular, the heart of our system is Webrtc, an open source technology now integrated in all existing browsers. This ensures excellent interoperability between different devices and browsers without having to install any add-ons. Just one click and you’re already in call! For … Read more

How do I integrate Bandyer?

Bandyer technology can be integrated into any website, intranet, CRM, mobile app or smartglass, via REST API, SDK Web or mobile. Click on the toggle here on the left and access the Dev zone for all technical documentation!